Sell your worn panties

Selling your worn undergarments such as panties, bras, socks, pantyhose etc… can be fun and lucrative.

All you need to do is sign up for a Vendor account.  Get your items listed. Promote your items for sale. When a sale is made you will then need to prepare the item purchased as sold, package it for shipping and ship.  When your item has shipped you update the site and your customer with the shipping tracking # then you get paid.

You earn 75% of the sales total. You are paid only after your item ships. Payments are made weekly via direct deposit or paypal.


Only sell items you are willing to produce.  If you say you masturbated in them, then masturbate in them.

Package item in a zip lock type bag and then in a plain shipping envelope.

Ship in a timely manner and get a tracking #.  Ship using USPS (United States Postal Office) – Some customer may want and pay for overnight shipping. You must ship using a means that you can track.

Update the site with the tracking# and email your customer a thank you and include the tracking #.

Price your item to make it worth your trouble.  Customers into the worn undergarment fetish will gladly pay for quality items.  Don’t short change yourself or your customer.

If you make a sale but decide not to produce and ship you must notify the customer via email and copy so that the customer’s payment can be refunded.

Negative feed back or complaints from your customers will result in your vendor account being deactivated.

There is no set up fee or any other fee to get started!

Click here to sign up and get started!